Virus removal / OS Reinstall


    PC running slow, got strange things going on. random virus messages telling you to call or email someone even when you are not online. We can fix that.

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    Virus removal and OS re-installs consist of the following:

    • Backing up Personal/user files from the Computer and completing a virus check on them
    • Reinstalling the Entire Operating system in order to remove any possibility of missed contamination and Registry errors.
    • Placing personal/User files back into the system
    • Installation of Malware bytes anti Virus Software
    • Install Chrome Internet browser or your choice of browser (we do not recommend Internet Explorer)
    • Add UBlock Origin(ad blocker) to the above Internet Browser (This greatly reduces the chance of passive virus and malware infections)
    • Reinstall any other Customer supplied software such as MS Office. (related installation media required)

    Typically one to two days to complete depending on System Specifications.


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